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Who'd a thought?

We made it to 100 episodes!!! That's a big milestone for podcasts - many don't make it past 10-12 episodes!

The original 100th episode got lost to the ages, due to a faulty SD card. But we gave it some time and re-recorded... it's a beast of an episode coming in at just under 4.5 hours! Anyhow, it's an M$ style roundtable episode with Truth, Mark Unseen, Joehawk and Chris Pittman.... Ryan Packer and Bryan Harris also join in by phone. Outside the normal M4 roundtable talks (music, movies, etc), Chris also gave us some updates on his paranormal experiences since his last episode (which was the highest listened to episode of the podcast!).

So give it a listen and let us know what you think! And feel free to send in any feedback, show ideas, or guests you'd like to see on!

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