Eerie Von is originally from Lodi, NJ.  In high school he started photographing the Misfits, played drums in Rosemary’s Babies,  and then played bass in Samhain and Danzig.  After his time in Danzig (he played bass on the first 4 LP’s and 1 ep) he has released 5 solo albums and published a book of his early photography called “Misery Obscura”, and also became an avid painter. 

The two discuss his background, growing up in NJ with Doyle and the rest of the Misfits, how he got into photography and eventually into shooting photos for the Misfits, the formation of Samhain and how it later turned into Danzig, tour stories, working with Rick Rubin, life after Danzig, his solo musical projects, painting, bass gear, life, and more!

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In this podcast Big Truth interviews interesting people who live and breathe outside the mainstream conventional box. The tone of each episode can range from casual conversation to life history style interviews. The show is fun, educational, inspirational and explores different views on contemporary topics as well as highlights alternative career paths. 


Big Truth is an Anthropologist, custom motorcycle builder, laser tattoo removal specialist, ex-radio DJ, punk rock/hardcore vocalist, and now podcaster!  He owns a renowned custom motorcycle shop (Choppahead Kustom Cycles) and a Tattoo Shop/Laser Tattoo Removal Business.  In the past he's worked as an anthropologist for the World Health Organization, CDC, and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Having worked with everyone from Harvard Cancer researchers to outlaw bikers, he is comfortable navigating different worlds and talking with people from across the human spectrum!