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The Setup

Been asked a few times about the setup I use to record the podcast.... well here it is.  Usually I'm setup on the counter at my motorcycle shop, Choppahead,  but this is one of the times I recorded it from my tattoo shop (Atomic Ink / Newskin Tattoo Removal - Swansea, MA).  

Equipment list:

- Rodecaster Pro Console

- Rode Procaster Mics (2), and a Shure MV7 (with external Cloudlift unit).  I used to have a Rode NT1-A as well, but it shit the bed. 

- Audio Technica headphones 

If you're gonna get in the game, take the extra time to get good equipment - there's nothing worse than a podcast that sounds like it was recorded at an outdoor event during a friggin hurricane!  It's disrespectful to your guest, your listeners, and your podcast!!!! 

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